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Building Permits

within the City of Carrollton please contact Robert Hofmann

(502) 732-7041

Electrical Permits / Inspections

please contact Matthew Dunaway

(502) 639-3218

Code Enforcement


Brian Mumphrey

Code and Zoning Administrator

(502) 732-7043

Robert Hofmann

Fire Chief / Building Inspector

(502) 732-7041

Rickey Watts

Code Enforcement Officer

(502) 732-7060, EXT 205

To report a suspected Code Enforcement issue, click HERE or email complaint and pictures to Brian Mumphrey at the email address above.

Lienholder Notification System

The City of Carrollton is implementing a "Lienholder Notification System" based upon KRS 65.8836 and adopted by the city through Ordinance 2017-01:  An Ordinance Amending Code Enforcement Board/Ordinances 35.140-35.155.

The purpose of the system is to provide to those who have an interest in the lien status of a property, access to information which lead to the filing of that lien. 

The notification system will provide the name of the violator and their address, the property on which the violation occurred, a full copy of citations, final orders, the appeal status of the final order, as well as the lien status of those properties.

The registrants can then select from this list which final orders they want to request information on by emailing the request to

Once in the system, the registrant will receive an updated listing once a week.  Registrants will also be contacted if a property has a lien filed. 


The registrant is responsible for updating any information as submitted.  If the city is notified that an email address is invalid or not functioning, the city will notify the registrant of that problem by phone or mailing. 

Please click here to register.





Email Registry

To sign up to receive email notifications for Code Enforcement Citations and Final Orders, please complete the information below and click "Send." 

Success! Message received.

Email Registry
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