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Charles William Webster
Memorial River Walk Dedication
June 27, 2015

News & Events

Docks have been removed for the season 


Splash Park

Splash Park will be closed for the season starting Monday October 2, 2023.  

Restrooms at Point Park are closed for the season.
Docks have been removed at Point Park.

Tax Notice

The 2023 city taxes are now payable at the city treasurer's office at 750 Clay Street.  

     Face Value through November 30, 2023

     10% Penalty added December 1, 2023

     3% Penalty added January 1, 2024

     1% additional penalty added each month after January 31, 2024 until such bill is paid.

Pursuant to KRS 134.420, the City of Carrollton has a lien against all real and personal property of Delinquent Taxpayers effective March 31, 2024.

If paying by mail, please enclose a self-addressed STAMPED envelope if you wish a receipted copy of the tax bill.  We do accept postmark!

Melinda Wright

City Clerk-Treasurer



Political Campaign Signs


Per City Ordinance, political campaign signs can be posted 30 days prior to an election for which the sign is posted. 


Once the election is held, you have 10 days to remove the signage.


Click here to read the ordinance.


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