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Public Works



Ronald Knight

Public Works Superintendent


(502) 732-7050

The Public Works Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of city roads, storm sewers, parks, building, property, and refuse collection activities. 


Chipper Truck runs on Mondays & Tuesdays, from February to early fall.


Leaf Truck runs on Mondays & Tuesdays, from late fall to January.


Chipper Truck Regulations


The following regulations have been in effect since May 1, 1992. 


The City strictly enforces these regulations.  Any limbs placed out for pick-up that are not within these guidelines WILL NOT BE TAKEN BY THE CITY OF CARROLLTON PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT.

1.)  Limbs must be in a straight pile with the butt end toward the street or curbside.

2.)  Limbs will be picked up in alleys BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

3.)  Please consider the safety of our employees by not placing limbs that may contain wire, metal, stumps, rocks, or other foreign matter at curbside.  We cannot pick up these materials.  (Natural vegetation only.)

4.)  The city is not responsible for limbs or materials resulting from contracted tree trimmers.

5.)  The city is not responsible for vines, flowers, or garden debris.

6.)  The normal schedule for chipper truck will run ONLY on Monday and Tuesday of each week, weather and work load permitting.

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